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Retirement Income Planning

Retirement Income Planning 

Solving for Your Retirement

When we talk with people who are nearing retirement or even thinking ahead to retirement, one of the biggest concerns expressed is whether they can afford to stop working. With companies moving away from providing pension and Social Security looking not as secure, people are on their own hoping they have saved enough. Through our working years we all grow accustomed to receiving a paycheck, so the thought of losing that regular income stream can be quite shocking. Especially now that retirement is becoming a longer phase of life, how can you be sure that you have put away enough money over the years that will last you the rest of your life?

The good news is just because you are done working does not mean you have to be done receiving a regular income stream. We work together with you to determine how much you are able to reasonably withdraw and what are the best and most tax-efficient ways to take that income.  We help you confidently move from saving for retirement to monthly income during your retirement. 

We also work to maximize your social security payout by determining the optimum age for you to begin withdrawals based on your circumstances and cash flow needs. We work to help you gain the knowledge of different strategies and the total amount of money you receive from Social Security can vary quite dramatically based on a few different factors, so let us help you get as much benefit as you can.

By combining strategies like these, we can work with you to provide you the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful years of your life. This is the time of life when you want to be socializing with friends, participating in your favorite hobbies, and spending time with your family.

We can help you create a personal retirement income strategy so that this does not need to be a hope, but can be a reality.

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