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Personalized Wealth Management

A brighter financial future does not happen by accident. It is carefully built through planning with professional help to grow and preserve what you spent a lifetime saving.

Building Blocks of Asset Preservation:


Investing involves the risk of loss. The knowledgeable investor knows to never keep all of his or her eggs in one basket. In application, the knowledgeable investors spreads the money among various investments and continually re-balances his or her portfolio so that “winning investments” can offset “losing investments.”

Balance Risk and Reward

Know your risk tolerance. Many investors do not feel comfortable with what they currently have at risk. Divide your investments so that you can take advantage of higher return vehicles, while keeping a fixed account in reserve.

Reduce Interest Rate Risk

Interest Rates changes can work for you no matter which way they move. When rates increase, your shorter-term money is soon available to reinvest at higher rates. When rates decrease, your longer-term money grows at rates higher than current rates.

Take Advantage of Compounding

Numbers really do add up and compounding allows them to add up even faster. This happens when you re-invest your earnings, interest, or dividends, rather than taking them in cash. Now you are earning money on your initial investment and the accumulated earnings.

Think About Taxes When Evaluating an Investment

Each investment comes with its own unique tax advantages and disadvantages. It is important to diversify your investments in order to have freedom and flexibility when it comes to paying taxes on your investment income.


This material is presented to provide information on investment strategies and opportunities. There is no guarantee that these strategies will be successful in all market conditions.